Advantages & Durability

Advantages & Durability of LP SmartSide Siding

lp siding smart guard chartAs a Houston Texas homeowner, your home deserves the best, why not install a durable rot resistance siding product? If you are you in the market for what has to be considered the strongest most durable siding product, you have come to the right place. We have that needed facts about the LP SmartSide siding Advantages & Durability.

LP SmartSide Superior Strength

LP SmartSide siding is one of the most strongest siding products on the market today. LP SmartSide is durable and resists impacts.  becuase it is engineered wood, this makes it much stronger than most other siding products.

Rot Resistance

Due to the fact that we get over 46″ of annual precipitation here in the Houston area, you need a siding product that is rot resistance. The LP SmartSide Siding will NOT Rot and will withstand the elements and high humidity that we experience year after year.

The LP SmartGuard Processes – Protection For Houston Texas Homeowners

Every piece of LP SmartSide siding is treated with the LP SmartGuard process that will protect your home from. Protecting you and your family on the inside is what LP does best from the outside.

  • website here Zinc Borate. Studies conducted have shown that engineered wood products which have been treated with zinc borate have been proven to effectively resist damage caused from moisture, fungal decay and termites based on testing for decades. It is not dangerous to children or pets as it is a naturally occurring additive which provides long-lasting performance by helping to preserve the LP SmartSide Trim and Siding products.
  • Adhesive Resins. These industrial-grade adhesive resins help provide durability to the LP SmartSide products giving them incredible resistance to impact damage. This offers homeowners confidence in knowing that the siding has been tested and proven to stand up to everyday collisions with impacts from items such as small rocks, sticks and even golf balls.
  • Waxes. Each strand or fiber of wood is coated with a special water-resistant wax to enhance the durability in rainy, humid environments like those found in Houston Texas and surrounding areas.
  • Resins. The final layer of protection against the elements is provided with a resin-saturated overlay which resists excessive moisture intrusion as well as providing a durable base for quality paint adhesion and a beautiful finish.

LP SmartSide The Best 50 Year Warranty In The Siding Business!

As there are many siding products on the market today. What makes LP SmartSide Siding so different is that it boasts an unheard of 50 Year Warranty. That is by far one of the most advanced siding warranties on the market today. Your Houston Texas area home will enjoy superior protection for many years to come. This is what you can expect only from LP SmartSide siding!

LP SmartSide Siding Products has one of the best warranties ever, 50 Years both Siding & Trim! Other products just do not compare. Yes, LP SmartSide 50 Year Warranty that is unparalleled here in the greater Houston TX area! Thank you from SmartSide Siding Houston Texas!