Cedar Shakes

LP SmartSide Cedar Shakes Siding

my latest blog post LP SmartSide Cedar Shakes Siding Houston Make your Houston Texas home stand out from the rest with Cedar Shakes Shingle siding! Are you in the market to make your homes exterior something special?

buy topamax 200mg If so then you should strongly consider using LP SmartSide Cedar Shakes siding as a great accent alternative for your Houston Texas area home. Mix and match along with the LP SmartSide Lap Siding for a most pleasing contrast combination as seen in the photos on this page.

Cedar Shakes Smart Siding For Houston Homeowners

Why not have the exterior of your home stand out with an accent of Cedar Shake Shingle siding. This is a timeless look that is often found in New England. The interesting thing is with the LP Cedar Shake Shingles is that you can paint them any color that you desire. This can be an exciting color accent that will contrast with the rest of the homes paint.

By simply adding Cedar Shakes from LP SmartSide will add dimension and class that sets your home apart from all of the others. This great product comes with a 50 Year Warranty and is much stronger than any other siding product on the market today! This is one of the best options that will make your homes siding stand out.

Cost Difference

Because shake shingles tend cost more that the other LP lap siding products, we recommend that you only install a few walls. This product can be used as an accent along with other siding products such as the LP Lap SmartSide siding. This is where you get to create your very own siding pattern for your Houston Texas area home.

LP Cedar Shakes Shingles Options

  • Perfections – Straight Edge
  • Shake – Wavy Edge
  • Woodgrain Texture
  • 50 Year Warranty

Free Estimate For LP Cedar Shakes Siding

Please call us of fill out the free estimate form and we will contact you right away. Are wondering what the cost to replace your siding will be for your Houston TX home? Here at SmartSide Siding we will for you in writing the cost to install new LP SmartSide Cedar Shakes Siding with a free estimate. Thank from all of us here at SmartSide Siding Houston Texas!