Soffit & Fascia

LP Smart Soffit Houston TexasLP Smart Soffit Fascia & Trim

find here Often overlook is the Soffit & Fascia on your home. Along with replacing your siding you should also replace the soffit and fascia trim. LP SmartSide Soffit & Trim is designed to go along with siding to complete your new siding job with matching woodgrain texture.

Best Ventilation One The Market

can i buy prednisolone over the counter in uk Smart Soffit Ventilation On a typical Houston Texas summer day it is 95 degrees outside and in your attic space it is 125 degrees. Something to think about here in southeast Texas, we have hot and humid summers that can last over 6 months.

Your air condition system is trying to cool your home and you are paying for electricity to do so. In most cases that AC unit is located in your attic where it is also hot.

With the LP SmartSide Vented Soffit you will receive 10 Square Inches of ventilation per lineal foot. That is 50 % more over James Hardie that only renders 5 Square Inches of ventilation per lineal foot. What means is that be replacing your existing soffit with the LP Smart Soffit, you will have a maximum of fresh COOLER air entering your soffit that will also enter into your attic space. This in turn means that your AC will run less and so will your utility bills!

LP SmartSide Soffit With Your New Siding

No matter if you are using the LP SmartSide Horizontal Lap, or LP SmartSide Vertical Panel, or LP SmartSide Cedar Shakes Siding, the Smart Soffit and Trim is a must option to have.

The Most Ventilation Soffit Ever

  • 10 square inches of ventilation per lineal foot
  • Available in solid non vented as well
  • Available in woodgrain texture

With our hot Houston Texas summers that seem to last 6 months, the more the ventilation that you have the better. You want to get a much of that hot and humid air out for your attic as possible and the LP SmartSide Vented Soffit System will help you accomplish just that!

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